Packaging Information Service - Europe

Perchards’ Packaging Information Service provides subscribers with information on EU and national packaging and packaging waste legislation, industry activity and compliance schemes in Europe. 

The service includes full Packaging Legislation updates under the following headings:

EC Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste
- Marking issues
- Packaging Data
- Review of the Directive and earlier studies
- Special measures for particular pack types
- The Directive and amendments
- The Essential Requirements and the CEN standards

National policy:
- National Legislation and Public Policy
- National Beverage Containers Policy
- National Recovery and Recycling Organisations - their structure, fees and activities

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The service also includes:

Directory of Recovery Organisations and Deposit Systems, updated annually

Legislation Database which contains national legislation in the original language and (where available) in English translation.  It also contains texts of relevant EU Directives, Regulations and Decisions.

News items

The Packaging Information Service is available to "producers" for an annual fee of EUR 3,000 (or sterling/US dollar equivalent) plus 20% VAT for UK subscribers.

A joint subscription, comprising the full Packaging, WEEE and Batteries Services, is available for an annual subscription of EUR 6,200.

(Trade Associations and compliance service providers – please contact for multi-member rates)

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The Information Services provide instant access to hundreds of reports covering vital Packaging, WEEE and Battery Legislation in Europe.

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