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Customised research, guidance and reports

Perchards works with companies and trade associations to keep
them up to date on the progress of producer responsibility for
packaging, WEEE and batteries, and other waste policies
across Europe, and to advise on policy development
and communications strategies.  We also produce specific
reports for companies on producer responsibility policies in the
countries of Europe, North America, Latin America and the
Caribbean, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

Having worked for more than 350 companies and organisations worldwide, we understand that every client’s requirements are different: some clients need to receive information and advice on a regular basis, others need specialised reports for specific projects. Others need us to work in-house with a client’s staff to help them develop strategies.

Some of the many issues Perchards has covered for clients are:

  • Assistance with specific problems relating to compliance with WEEE and packaging legislation.
  • The implications of EU or national policies on producer responsibility, eco-design and sustainability for product and packaging manufacturers.
  • Evaluation of particular packaging formats for compliance with EU eco-design requirements
  • The strategic and cost implications of particular activities related to packaging and packaging waste.
  • Preparation of corporate environmental guidelines for packaging development.
  • Advice on a European packaging policy and data capture system.
  • The use of economic instruments in producer responsibility policy
  • Analysis of the implications of a voluntary or regulatory approach to packaging waste management
  • Ideas for the future development of packaging legislation in jurisdictions outside Europe.
  • Critical appraisals of policy proposals

Information Services

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The Information Services provide instant access to hundreds of reports covering vital Packaging, WEEE and Battery Legislation in Europe.

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